Anchor Merchandising

The best way to describe us is that we’re somewhere between a licensing company and some of the self-service merchandising, but with better quality and better service. Like services like Teespring, almost everything we currently offer is printed on demand when we receive orders, and we offer a wide range of products. However, the similarities really end there.

No up front printing costs!

No inventory to maintain!

No trips to the post office

And you still get paid for your sales!

This may sound too good to be true, but we promise you it’s not!

We utilize print on demand technology for almost all of our products. This helps us keep lower prices and higher profits for you! We also handle the ecommerce so you don’t have to deal with trips to the post office or customer service, just leave that all to us!

Once you sign up for merchandising and provide print-ready artwork, we handle setup and ecommerce for you on our sites, shipping, customer service, and guarantee every order for delivery and quality. We set up your merchandise on our sites according to which package you choose and provide you with a store link for you to promote your merchandise however you choose. We take care of the rest. This means you will not have to deal with trips to the post office or customer service issues. Also, it means you never run out of popular sizes or designs nor maintain a large inventory of printed designs. And it costs as little as nothing to utilize our services! And for successful stores selling at least fifty products a month, we can help you increase sales even more by selling your merchandise on other websites, including!

Anchor Essential is our flagship service we’ve become known for, and will continue to be 100% FREE of out of pocket setup and maintenance costs. Included in this package are free set up, free ecommerce, and a free store page. You will have the ability to offer up to 5 different designs on:
●Men’s/Unisex short sleeve tshirts
●Long sleeve tshirts
●Pullover hoodies
●11oz coffee mugs
●20oz stainless steel tumblers
●Posters and cloth tapestries.

For each item, we have a base cost, which is also the lowest in the industry for the services we offer. As an example, if we print a basic heavy cotton tshirt (the most popular choice) with a single print location, the base cost is currently $11.50. You tell us the retail price, but for this example, let’s say you want us to sell it for $18.99, which is our default price. After we sell the tshirt, we deduct the base cost of $11.50 from the customer’s payment, then send you the $7.49 profit. If our product costs go up and we have to raise the base cost, then we also increase the retail price so that you keep the same amount of profit on the item. Custom brand labels are available at $2 per shirt and we can raise the retail price accordingly so your profit amount stays the same.

Our clients are paid once per quarter, paid in January, April, July, and October, by the 10th day of these months. We also send a report showing the price paid, base costs and your profits on each item. A vast majority of our clients prefer to be paid by PayPal (which we send as a “friends and family” payment when possible so there’s no cost to receive the funds). We can also pay by Zelle if requested. For international artists, we hold all payments until they total $25 US, and then we cover the currency conversion fees.

Anchor Extra is our next package, which includes everything in Anchor Basic and more. Anchor Extra stores will includes two upgrades – a custom header and, for the first time ever, a custom menu for only $15/month. You can also offer up to 10 different designs on more items, including
●Women’s short sleeve tshirts
●Tank tops
●Zip up hoodies
●15oz mugs

Anchor Elite is our top tier package and includes everything in Anchor Basic and Anchor Extra and quite a bit more – including custom colors on your store page and being featured on our front page. Anchor Elite stores can up to 20 designs on our largest selection of products, including:
●Children’s clothes
●Custom products!

Your Anchor Elite store will also have a profit bonus and a 50% discount on custom brand labels on select products. At $25/month, you have the opportunity to make that up with the profit bonus and custom brand discount.

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